Discover the uniqueness of ancient recipes and modern innovation at Tary Coffee House

At Tary, enjoy our special menu where our nutritionists have skillfully applied modern technology to update ancient forgotten recipes. Immerse yourself in a culinary experience filled with both Micro and Macro organic elements, sourced directly from the vast Kazakh steppes. Discover the secrets of a healthy life through our nutritious signature menu, a journey that combines tradition with the latest in nutrition for a truly unique and fulfilling dining experience.

Bylamyk porridge

Infused with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, it also supports bone health through a rich blend of phosphorus and magnesium. Enjoy sustained energy from the complex carbohydrates, and benefit from a protein boost for muscle repair and overall body maintenance.

Tary porridge

Indulge in the anti-cancer potential of their antioxidants, savor the nutrient-rich goodness delivering vitamins and minerals essential for overall health, and treat yourself to the cognitive boost and radiant skin benefits that your daily routine. Nourish your body and delight your senses.

Cottage cheese pancake

Crafted with the finest organic ingredients, these pancakes are packed with protein from creamy cottage cheese, offering a satisfying and nourishing breakfast option. Enriched with organic calcium for bone health and providing a natural boost of energy, they make a deliciously wholesome and mindful choice for a balanced and fulfilling morning.

Indulge in our wide selection of specialty coffees, from classic espresso to unique brews.

Savor the flavors of our traditional Kazakh dishes, made with the freshest organic ingredients.

Experience the art of tea with our handcrafted blends and soothing infusions.

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